FACTORY BOY started in 2016 with a single jacket and an agenda to create the dream wardrobe for myself and my friends.
What started as a creative outlet quickly turned into something bigger. A cult following that I had not been prepared for. At a certain point, I had run FACTORY BOY similar to the fashion brands I had followed growing up because that was the only thing I had known. There was always a constant pressure to create new collections with the flashiest marketing plan. My burnout led to a year-long hiatus to contemplate on how I really wanted to run FACTORY BOY.
I realised that FACTORY BOY is what allows me to be creatively free and that is what the brand will always remain to be. FACTORY BOY isn't here to speak to everyone and that's okay. I love our community and everyone who fucks with the brand. Every design comes from an honest idea or critique. It's about my childhood binge-watching anime shows. It's about my failed attempt at working in the fine art industry. It's about the music I listen to. It's about my favourite 90s skate brands. It's about vintage pieces I wish I owned. It's about the people I love. It's about the people I hate. It's about my life in Manila.

All of our products are carefully designed and produced in very limited runs by a small team here in Manila, Philippines and that is how I would always want to keep things. I sincerely thank everyone who supports our small business. This brand has always been my dream come true.

xx Fed (Founder & Creative Director of FACTORY BOY)